Puppy Purchase Agreement

Bill of Sale and Guarantee

One _____________________ Puppy; Â Sex: _____ Â Color/Mrkgs.: _______________ Â Whelped: ____/____/____
Sire: ________________________________________ Â

Dam: _________________________________________

Date of Sale: _____________________________ , 20_____

To:_________________________________________________________ (Buyer)

Address:____________________________________________________   Telephone: ____________________________

E-mail: _______________________________

For: $__________,     Minus deposit paid: _____________, Total amount due by pick up: $___________

The Puppy described above has been carefully raised under sanitary conditions within our home. Our dogs and babies are
under regular veterinary care. To the best of my knowledge, this Puppy is in excellent health and is guaranteed free from
communicable disease and parasites.  Said Puppy is of sound temperament, and is further guaranteed (under favorable
conditions) against behavior atypical to the breed.

All puppies are veterinarian-checked, de-wormed and vaccinated. Â The Buyer has been provided with a copy of said Puppies
medical history (including present status of immunity vaccinations and de-worming) and is hereby urged to have the puppy
examined by a licensed veterinarian within three (3) days from date when Buyer assumes custody of Puppy.

In the event that, upon examination, said veterinarian finds the puppy to be sufficiently medically unsound as to warrant return,
the Buyer shall immediately notify the Seller. The Puppy shall be returned at the expense of the Buyer to the Seller, accompanied
by a hand-written and signed statement by said veterinarian of all findings. In which case, said Puppy shall be replaced with
another puppy of equal value if one is available.

Any future claims made against this establishment, based upon subsequent developments of pathological nature which can be
traced to genetic abnormality, shall be evaluated based upon the dogs resulting physical incapacity to continue to serve the
purpose for which it was purchased (e.g., family pet). Breed registration papers (if applicable) will be forwarded to Buyer upon
breeders receipt from the Breed Registry.

Other than the terms stated above, Seller guarantees 1 yr on genetics. This is anything life threatening.
When you purchas a puppy you are agreeing to this contract. Print it out for your records.

BUYER: _____________________________________________________

SELLER: ____________________________________________________

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